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Boys Junior Captain

Bay Hill

My name is Bay Hill, I am applying for the position of Junior captain, as I believe I possess the experience necessary for this role. I have been a club member for 3 years and have committed as both cox and rower. During this time I have helped with organisation of training, and have understood how important leadership, communication and commitment is to a successful crew and club; Qualities I believe I have developed.

If I were elected, I would aim to ensure training sessions ran smoothly and consistently for all junior members.  This could include supporting the development of a coxswain programme to increase coxswain development and recruitment and enhancing the understanding of how vital this role is in promoting squad success.  Increasing cox numbers would enable squads to participate consistently on the water, in both training and racing. Another idea I would bring is the recruitment of new junior members.  At times juniors are unable to experience consistent water outings due to lack of crew consistency. Increasing Junior membership would create more squads, allow regular water outings, and potentially lead to more racing success!  It would also enhance club energy and longevity.

I would also encourage club training facility development, through fundraising ideas (sponsored ergo, or run etc). I recognised there is a need for improved and increased training equipment, allowing access to kit for all members, and enabling an increased variety of training and more enjoyment during training sessions!

Thank you for considering me as your captain, If I am elected, I can promise you that your voices will be heard and represented to the best of my ability. I hope to see you all down at the club soon!

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Girls Junior Captain

Millie Samuel

I am 16 years old and attend Rockley college studying outdoor adventure sports, having completed my GCSEs at Bournemouth School for Girls.

My sports interests include rowing (of course, my favourite), netball and surf lifesaving as well as other water sports such as sailing and windsurfing. I recently qualified as a pool lifeguard and have a job with St James Primary School, responsible for the safety of the students as they learn to swim.

I started coxing for Bournemouth rowing club when I was thirteen and continued until I joined Christchurch so I could row rather than just cox - what I’d always set out to do. Although I always wanted to row, coxing really helped me learn a lot about rowing as I was able to watch experienced rowers, up to senior level, and learn from them.


My Ideas


This year, I would like the junior boys and junior girls squads to land train together more, COVID permitting. I think it would be beneficial for the two squads to be more linked so we can learn from each other as well as meet new people. I think this would be beneficial for coaches as one coach could take both squads each land session, leaving them with only half their usual workload.

I would also love to think that we could provide more opportunity for the sweep teams to scull and scullers to have a go in fours to further develop our junior talent.

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Boys Junior Captain

Reece Brewster

Having been a member of Christchurch Rowing Club since November 2018, I have developed a love for both the sport and the club. Rowing has had a huge impact on my life, looking beyond the very early Saturdays and Sundays, I've made many new friends and am able to say I am part of a team. A team that is not just the crew I row in, but the people I can make easy conversation with as we pass by one another, the people I can give a hand getting boats down and equally who help me when I am struggling. These are the people that I want to give back to and do my best in helping the club take its next steps.


I am extremely grateful for all of the efforts that the coaches, committee and helpers make to ensure the smooth running of the club, despite the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in. This inspires me to be a part of helping others get easy and safe access to the water and land training at every opportunity we get.


As a junior captain, I will get your views heard. I believe myself to be a passionate and motivated character and I will carry this on in the role of junior captain. I aim to be approachable and easy to reach, so everyone gets their chance to speak on how they want to shape the club.


Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I look forward to our Club's future.

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Boys Junior Captain

Christian Pengelly

The Rowing Club has trained, nurtured, and supported me in my three years at the Club. The confidence that rowing has instilled has helped me in all parts of life. I want to give back and help and support others in their journey through the Club.


I am studying Maths, Economics, and Business A-Levels at Bournemouth School.

I am comfortable in a volunteer position, having given my time to organisations such as the Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre, Camps International, and cycling events.  My volunteering will see me travel to Kenya to help build medical facilities in rural areas.


Three years at the Club has given me a great insight, especially into the world of Under-18’s.  As a Junior member, I feel the Club puts a lot of concentration on the Adult programmes and I want to develop a stronger Under-18 presence, including helping develop the under-18 programmes e.g. Learn to Row.


Additionally, I want to organise the Juniors to volunteer more at the Club, especially with Learn to Row and fundraising activities.

I want to make sure that all new Junior members are made to feel comfortable and confident within the Club by developing informal mentoring. Everyone should feel accepted and valued as a team member.  These projects, I hope will lead to a more competitive and dynamic team.


I have the time, motivation, and desire to make a difference to the Junior programme. Your comments, feedback, and ideas will also be well represented with Club management. With your help, we can make the Junior teams at Christchurch Rowing Club achieve their best year yet.

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