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Boys Junior Captain

Cian Everett

Hi, for those that don’t know me very well, this is my sixth year at CRC, which has given me a depth of experience and knowledge in most aspects of rowing. I have coxed from novice to masters, in fours and eights; and have been fortunate enough to cox a number of crews at numerous local regattas and prestigious events, such as Eton Dorney.  I transitioned to sculling, and have trained and taken part in regattas at a high level of performance up and down the country; in singles, doubles and quads. I have trained and raced in coastal boats, participating in South Coast Championships and local regattas, winning races such as J16 and Novice, making me a Junior coastal rower.

In addition to rowing, the things I love most about our club is the social and friendly environment. I thoroughly enjoy training and racing, around my peers, in all-weather; meeting new people and creating friendships. If I am successful in this candidacy, as your captain, I will assure you that the currently supportive, caring environment is nurtured and reinforced. I aspire to make the groups within the junior section more cohesive and connected, and plan to introduce different, more cooperative training methods and social activities to ensure every junior gets the most out of their rowing.

I do not underestimate the importance of this role within Christchurch Rowing Club. This position represents and stands up for the needs and opinions of junior rowers. If I am awarded the role of your men’s junior captain, I will make it my responsibility to ensure that your voice is heard and conveyed to the governing bodies within the club. I will make certain that being part of the junior section is something to enjoy and be proud of.

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Boys Junior Captain

Christian Pengelly

The Rowing Club has trained, nurtured, and supported me in my four years at the Club. The confidence that rowing has instilled has helped me in all parts of life. I want to give back and help and support others in their journey through the Club.


I am studying Maths, Economics, and Business A-Levels at Bournemouth School.

I am comfortable in a volunteer position, having given my time to organisations such as the Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre, Camps International, and cycling events.


Four years at the Club has given me a great insight, especially into the world of Under-18’s.  As a Junior member, I feel the Club puts a lot of concentration on the Adult programmes and I want to develop a stronger Under-18 presence, including helping develop the under-18 programmes e.g. Learn to Row.


Additionally, I want to organise the Juniors to volunteer more at the Club, especially with Learn to Row and fundraising activities.

I want to make sure that all new Junior members are made to feel comfortable and confident within the Club by developing informal mentoring. Everyone should feel accepted and valued as a team member.  These projects, I hope will lead to a more competitive and dynamic team.


I have the time, motivation, and desire to make a difference to the Junior programme. Your comments, feedback, and ideas will also be well represented with Club management. With your help, we can make the Junior teams at Christchurch Rowing Club achieve their best year yet.



Girls Junior Captain

Arabella Ozanne

Hi, I'm Arabella


I'm currently in yr 12 at BSG and have been rowing since yr9 at Christchurch. I have enjoyed every moment even the early mornings and long drives to competitions.Rowing has been a huge part in my life and massively improved my confidence and I really enjoy the team spirit and fun it brings with it. I have always enjoyed being part of a team and would love to help being the voice for the junior rowers. If I became captain I would really like to bring in some more fun activities in some sessions and more social evenings.


Thanks for your time Arabella

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