Welcome to 2021

Welcome to the new year 2021, and in the words of the Who its "just like the old one". We are nearing the middle of our third lockdown, and I would like to share with you what we see as the status of our Club and what we can see for the future in the short, medium and long term.

For those of you that attended the AGM, you will know that the short term future is reasonably good. The Club has good cash reserves and despite the temporary loss of two of our revenue streams (daytime and event lounge hire), we are still able to forecast a small monthly maintenance budget for the rowing operations. The Rowing Committee has been successful in re-introducing rowing during the break between lock downs whilst complying with the laws and guidelines that were current at that time. We anticipate that the desire for rowing will not be diminished due to the lock downs. Clearly large maintenance charges or any unforeseen Club costs will impact the Club reserves, but this is manageable in the short term. The Club is fortunate in that it has comparatively a good fleet of boats and the impact of the absence of funds for equipment purchase, can be managed in the short term.

However, Christchurch Rowing Club has undiluted aspirations and expectations to be successful on the water. Being able to keep our equipment up to date is essential for retention of current and recruitment of new members. So the short term model is not sustainable over the medium and long term, and this dictates that we need to change the way we operate to bring in additional funds. We will be looking to move back to the way we operated in the olden days. This does not mean that we have to hand in our mobile phones, beer will become 25p a pint, cars are unreliable, we have dodgy haircuts and wear flares!! However it does mean that members will need to be involved in all aspects of the Club that are focused on cutting costs, retaining and recruiting members and supporting revenue generating activities. With everybody involved, this will not be onerous for any individual and there will be a wide range of tasks. The good news is that there appears to be building demand to hire the lounge for evening functions once the Covid restrictions are lifted.

The Management Committee and Rowing Committee are looking to get an initial set of plans together for rebuilding the Club by Wednesday Feb 10th.

Stay safe, fit and healthy.


Management Committee, CR

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