Endurow Challenge

Earlier this month saw the conclusion of the Endurow challenge. A number of us took part and slogged our way through the 'full monty' gruelling 4 hours on the ergo, we were accompanied by the Endurow coverage which broadcast via the livestream and zoomerg. There were some excellent interviews with Sir Steve Redgrave, ex-Olympic champions, current para-olympians and regular motivational interludes with a Rowing Sport Psychologist who at around the 3 hour mark helpfully said to focus on the things you are enjoying... hmmmmm it was a challenge?! All round it was a great event with a strong message of inclusion and community which really resonated with me.

Over the course of the challenge 30 of our members, representing every aspect of the Club, have ergoed, cycled, run or walked a total distance of 575,437m raising a total of £916 for the Wings for Life Charity and have contributed to 5% of the £16k raised by the whole of the Endurow challenge. It's a phenomenal achievement and I, like you will be, am extremely proud of how the Club united, embraced the challenge and found it's common purpose.

Some CRC Endurow Facts:

  • 30 members took part representing Juniors, Seniors, Masters and Recreational teams within the Club forming a total of 7 teams

  • Together we achieved 575,437m which included included 25 half marathons

  • 15 people took to the ergo and 15 did a combination of walking, running and cycling

  • 2 rowers individually completed the whole 4-hour session each completing a full marathon

  • 3 further teams submitted distances which combined to reach the marathon distance

The phrase used repetitively during the Endurow coverage was 'rowers always exceed expectations' - this was so true for CRC - at the outset who could have predicted the long list of achievements. This is with credit and thanks to every person who took part, supported and donated.

Every person who took part will have pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone and achieved a goal that was important to them some people on Saturday morning would not have believed what they were able to achieve by Saturday evening - this is the true mark of success.

There were of course some prizes that will have provided additional motivation, results below:

Fastest Ergo Half Marathon

Senior Women: Emma Fairclough - 1:43:12 Senior Men: Mike Jocelyn - 1:23:42

Fastest Accumulated Team Half Marathon: Floor Sweepers (Bay, Tom, Reece, Christian) - 01:44:13

Furthest Distance: Erg-going-nowhere (Emma K, Mike K, Lucy, Amanda) - 152,929m

Best Team Name: (as judged by the Junior Captains with no knowledge of team members) - Erg-going-nowhere

Teams who took part

Team Name . Participants . Distance

Erg-going-nowhere: Emma K, Mike K, Lucy, Amanda - 152,949

Stour Power: Miles, Mike J, Jay, Ned, Gian Luc - 123,448

Thoracic Coastal Crew: The Brangan family - 84,330

Weekday Wombles: Jon, Abi, Linda, Anna, Vicky - 42,100

Virtual Fource: Alli, Fay, Rob, Emma F - 83,500

Drunken Octopus: Ben, Cian, Olly, Woody - 46,910

Floor Sweepers: Bay, Tom, Reece, Christian - 21,100

Ian M - 21.100

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