National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships

Information for Christchurch Rowing Club- re: NJIRC 2020

On Friday 28th February, at the Copperbox Arena Olympic Parc, London two of our junior rowers Maddie Grainger and Bethan Harbut took part in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships (NJIRC). NJIRC is the world’s biggest national indoor rowing competition, with over 2500 young people aged 11-18 competing in different categories. The atmosphere on the day is incredible, and an important event in the rowing calendar.

Both girls faced tough competition in their respective events, and were the only individual entries in their categories. Maddie’s event took part first - Yr 10 Girls- with 116 girls racing over a period of 5 minutes. Maddie made a strong start, and remained focused throughout the race, looking comfortable with her technique. Despite overcoming an injury very recently, she gave it her all and finished an impressive 7th place, distance covered 1274 m.

Shortly after Maddie’s event it was Bethan’s turn in the Yr 11 girls’ event, racing for 6 minutes. It was a strong field, with 46 starting, but she had formulated a race plan, and executed it well. She made a steady start, but the eventual first and second place winners pulled away early on. Despite this, Bethan kept her nerve and stuck to her race strategy, allowing for a sprint finish in the last 30 seconds, securing 1565 m. This was enough to secure third place overall and the bronze medal, which she is delighted with. This represents a significant achievement for Bethan, as the Gold and Silver medals were won by girls already on the British Rowing Start Programme.

Both girls are grateful for the input and support they have received from Christchurch Rowing Club, particularly in the lead up to this competition, ending the day with brilliant results. Well done girls!

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