COX’S SQUAD The 5th crew member

On Sunday 9th May the first Cox’s Squad meeting was held, bringing together new and experienced members.

The aim of the squad is to enable our coxswains to pass on experiences, discuss techniques and skills that will help them and the crew to achieve the best outings in both training and racing.

After an interesting talk on hypothermia from Andy Galloway, they watched a cox’s video recording of last year’s Ladies Plate race at Henley with our own Matt Aldridge winning in the Oxford Brookes boat, giving them an idea of how much influence a Cox has in a race situation.

Above you can see a lovely photo of 8 of our young coxes, the question is do you know who they are??? To help raise some funds to purchase CRC Coxes T Shirts we have set up a small competition!

There is a small prize for the first crew to answer the following 3 questions – entry fee £4.00 per crew

1) Find out the name of each Cox

2) Find out which school they attend

3) Find out their favourite food

Bonus question: Which one of our young coxes could not make the meeting?

Answers to Faye by 30th May 2018

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