Due to the current circumstance we will not be running courses as usual. 

All being well we are planning to run some Junior courses over the Summer holidays

for current year 8 pupils, we are just working out the details in line with covid

regulations and hope to publish dates next month. 

Beyond this we are unsure which courses we will run, today (30.03.21) we welcomed

our rowers back onto the water for the first time in a while and need to see how things

settle before we know which areas of the club have availability. 

Christchurch Rowing Club offers learn to row courses for people wishing to try

the sport and for those wishing to join the club and row as part of a crew on a

regual basis. 


Junior rowing starts at 13years old and are trained in sculling. Anyone 15 years

and older new to the sport is trained in coastal fours, sweep oar. 


Junior Learn to Row (JLTR) - (Sculling)


Courses are run each summer term, with trials held over the summer and training

starting in the september.


The course comprises of 10 1.5hour sessions through out the summer term, and

includes land and water training at a cost of £150 per person. For dates of the 

next course please click on the button to the right.


This course is aimed at year 8 pupils who will be commencing year 9 after the summer.

To be invited to participate on one of these course you must have completed a

registration form


Learn to Row (LTR) Level 1 - (Coastal Sweep)


Courses run each Autumn in line with the start of each coastal session, the course is open to anyone over the age of 15 wishing to experience rowing. 


LTR Leve 1 comprises of 6 hours spread over 3 days, usually 3

consecutive Sundays and allows you to experience rowing as part of a crew in

one of CRCs coastal rowing boats.


Feel free to download our induction booklet for more information on our club and

this sport.


Course Content


By the end of the six hours you should be proficient in;

· Correct basic ergo technique and care

· Getting in and out of a boat safely

· Rowing forward, backwards and holding the run

· Executing an emergency stop

· Be able to respond to basic rowing terminology, (back stops, easy oar, hold

  the run…)

· Be competent in handling the boat in and out of the water and washing it down

· Row as part of a team


Course Details


· CRC run learn to row courses run inline with the start of the new coastal rowing season, around September / October time,

  please click on the button above to find out when the next course is due to commence. 

· To be invited to participate on one of these courses you must have completed a registration form

· You are expected to commit to and attend all 3 sessions.

· The sessions will run from 11.00 – 13.00 on Sundays. 

· The Club lounge/bar will be open afterwards for a debrief and for you to socialise with fellow crew members

· Course costs £90 (Payment is required up front to secure your place)


Learn to Row (LTR) Level 2 - (Coastal Sweep)


More information coming soon.



Learn to Row