Junior Captain Applications


Here are the applications for the Junior Captain roles, please read each applicants speech and email our junior coordinator Sarah Clarke at juniorcoordinator@christchurchrowingclub.co.uk with your votes. One vote for Junior Men's Captain and one vote for Junior Ladies Captain. The deadline for applications is Wednesday the 11th of October and your votes need to be in by 8pm Wednesday 18th October.


Good luck to each of you who have put yourselves forward. (My apologies for the images being of younger versions of your wonderful selves, they were the only ones I had on file!).





Emma Cheetham

My name is Emma Cheetham and I am 16 years old. I wish to be considered for the girls junior captain because, having been involved in the junior section since 2013, I understand the importance a of good representation of juniors on the committee. I have seen others complete the role with great success and would now like the opportunity to represent those who have less experience than I to get the most out of the club for them, as others have done in the past for me.

In my opinion, I would bring experience of the club to the role, having been involved for 4 years. I also have experience in leadership, being currently involved in the organisation of inter-house debating at my school along with 6 other sixth formers. I also believe that I am a friendly and approachable person to have around at the club and one which the other junior girls would not be afraid to raise their concerns in confidence with, in order to gain the most out of their rowing within the club environment. For the past 4 years, I have also been very committed to the club, constantly turning up for boat-loading and unloading and for, previously 4, now 5 sessions a week, so I would be a familiar girl down at the club and would, hopefully, be easy for other girls to contact.

Isabel Langridge

I believe a junior captain should consist of a person who welcomes the new juniors, leads the team and helps new members integrate with the rest of the club. They should also be organised and committed to the club.

With the given responsibility of junior captain I am ready to step up an accept the challenge.

A little bit about me.
I have 3 years of rowing experience within the club and have competed in many regattas. Rowing many abilities has helped me experience all the different sessions so I know most of the juniors and have gained many friends over the recent years.

Currently, I am a year 11 Prefect at my school and thrive on the responsibility that brings. I have been coached to speak in publicly and reached the final of the school public speaking competition.

Volunteering and supporting people is important to me and gives me great pleasure. As a Prefect, I have had the opportunity to mentor other students and see them become confident and grow within themselves. At school, I have also volunteered to teach the older generation how to use technology through lessons at The Priory. For the club, I used to help with the learn to rows for many years, and lately I have helped Jenny at the club several times as well as made last year’s rowing scrapbook.

I am willing and to support or lead any junior that may need my help or experience to guide them through any situation they might come across. I want to put my experience and knowledge of the club to use by helping the less experienced rowers to settle in or progress from their current situation. This could involve introducing new rowers to other people which would help them make friends, or if they have a problem at rowing I will gladly assist them and advise them on how to overcome it.

To conclude, I want to make an impact to the club by becoming Women’s Junior Captain and be a role model to the juniors giving this responsibility 100% commitment. It will be a proud moment if I am successful in my application.

Milly Campbell

My names Milly and I’m from Steve’s Squad. I’ve been rowing at the club for 2 years now, and have been coxing for 3 years.
I would like to be Junior Girls Captain because I’m really enthusiastic about bringing all the juniors together as one big group. I remember being in the LTR session and thinking how scary Steve’s Squad were! So I’m hoping as Girls Captain I can make them feel more integrated and more welcome in the club.
I also cox for LTRs so I get the opportunity to meet them all and get to know them before they’re officially part of the club, which I think will really help when it come to integrating them with the rest of the junior section.
I would definitely like to organise more social events for the juniors, and work closely with the Boys Captain so we get representation from both sides.
I’d also definitely be happy to take any views/problems from the junior section and discuss them at management meetings.

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know,


Katya Cherskova

Having been a member at the club for the last four years I am really passionate about it. Initially starting as a cox I was chosen as the best cox for the two consecutive years, then transitioning to rowing. Coxing helped me develop my leadership skills and learn how to manage teams, even in the most critical moments.

I am always happy to get involved at the club, regularly helping out at various events and Learn to Row courses. Novices are always very nervous and I do my best to improve their experience by encouraging and cheering them up during daunting times. In addition, I get on well with all club members. 

I would relish an opportunity to contribute to the development of the club as a Junior Girls captain since the club have been supporting my improvements on both a personal level and as a rower. I have a lot of enthusiasm for the role and will bring all of my strengths to it ensuring that I provide support to others. I would also love to take up the position as it will help me improve my leadership skills.

Ollie Leat

I would like to become the Boys’ Junior Captain because I enjoy responsibility and believe I can help the club to continue to be a fun and successful place to enjoy our sport.
I am keen to ensure that all Juniors feel a part of the team and valued members of the club. I am committed and enthusiastic about rowing and would work hard if chosen as Captain. 
I am a straightforward and honest person and believe these qualities would be valuable for the role. As Captain I would be keen to encourage my peers to excel and enhance the Juniors’ voice in the running of the club.
I have previously demonstrated leadership when playing for Wimborne Rugby Club as captain, coming away from the U14 season as a County Champion. I worked hard for the team, inspiring them and using my ability to communicate in order for the team to be successful.

I hope that over the last year I have proved myself to be polite, confident and helpful, with a genuine desire to encourage a good team spirit. I feel that these traits are very important in order for the Juniors to have a strong representative to speak on their behalf at meetings.
One thing that I would try and introduce, as Boys’ Captain, is the organisation of social events for the Juniors to boost team morale and enhance the camaraderie in the Junior section. I also feel that it is imperative for the Juniors to have a voice in the club community and therefore, I would hold regular meetings in order for others to raise any issues or concerns which could then be fed back to the club management committee. I would also seek to support the coaches in any way they feel is appropriate.
I value the contributions others make and recognise that for a team to function effectively, all the parts must work as one and that a leader must listen and act upon issues raised. I am committed to everything I do and would strive to achieve the best for the Juniors, should I be selected as Captain.

Ollie Leat

Ned Clarke

I would like to apply for the role of Junior boys captain as I feel I have the required skills, experience and enthusiasm for the position. 
I want to have the opportunity to learn more about the club, develop further my leadership skills and to take on a role of responsibility within the club. I feel this role will give me the opportunity to work with both the junior boys section and the junior girl, assisting the coaches to help the squads to achieve goals both as individuals and as a team. I feel it is important to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, informed and happy.
I am very proud to be a member of Christchurch Rowing Club, and I have made a great set of friends within both the girls and boys junior squads, as well as developing good relationships with coaches, other rowers, and families.
I have a huge amount of respect for the coaches, their support, encouragement and the time they give to us.
I would like to do everything I can to help them, my fellow rowers and the club. 
I feel this role will give me the opportunity to challenge myself personally too.

As soon as I was old enough I began to cox for both junior and the adult squads. This is where I learnt how effective good communication and working as a team was, as well as developing my knowledge of the river and boat safety. I saw how much time and dedication was needed to be a successful rower and the support that was needed from their families too.
Since becoming a rower I have become more aware of the competitive side and the importance of supporting everyone, working together at events and regattas. 
Developing strong relationships on and off the water with the squad has been such a positive experience for me, and has certainly made us a more cohesive and successful squad. 

I hope to bring many key skills to the role aiming to communicate effectively with everyone, to listen, and to be a positive role model and team player. I have held an organisational role at school which involved junior house sports and I hope to continue to learn from others, taking time to observe, listen and ask questions. 

I will support, welcome and involve all juniors and make them feel valued. 
This past year has been a great experience for me personally, learning from both my successes as well as my mistakes.
I will continue to develop strong relationships with coaches, and work closely with the junior girls captain too.
I am keen to support and promote both the rowing and social events, and attend meetings as required.


Ed Patton

My name is Edward Patton and I feel I am a strong candidate for the Junior Men’s Captain position. Although having only been involved with the club for a little over a year I feel my knowledge of the systems and networks in order to communicate and organize within rowing, have reached a point at which I would be able to negotiate and reason to gain the best possible result for the boy’s squad.



At the moment my training has increased to 6-7, previously 4-5, sessions a week in order to bridge the gap between amateur and more competitive competition and this is something I would like to focus on during my potential term.  Lots of my actions as the Junior Men’s Captain will be spent striving to gain boat and club use which is something I think is vital to the success of the squad. Lots of my actions would also involve working with the Ladies Junior Captain and the Junior Coordinator; I believe face to face communications with these parties are essential to the success of this coming season.



I have the necessary skills to represent the squad in meetings and other functions; this is evident from my responsibilities at school as a prefect and involvement in the medical society in which we frequently have debates. I am a conscience and trustworthy individual that is keen to develop the rowing potential of the Junior squad and would work hard to achieve this aim.


Kind Regards Ed

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