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The Mike Green Rowing Award

We lost Mike Green at the end of 2020. Mike was Christchurch Rowing Club, in that after starting rowing in the late 1950's, he continued rowing, coaching and working in roles within the Club until the end. He also did masses amount of work with our governing bodies, now British Rowing, and his family have informed us that, if he had survived, would have been awarded the British Empire Medal in this year's Queens Birthday honours list for his services to rowing.

For years Mike worked with junior rowers to a very high standard, and today (Monday 11th July 2022) we are announcing the Junior Rowing Bursary scheme in his memory.


In memory of Mike Green, his family kindly requested for donations to be made to CRC to be used for the benefit of junior rowing in the Christchurch area.

CRC will establish an award in Mike's memory, to be named "The Mike Green Rowing Award". The award will be initially funded for the first 5 years using the donations received in Mike's memory.

Following the initial 5-year period, the intention is that CRC will continue to fund the award with £300 per year, to continue the scheme into the future.   It will continue to be named in honour of Mike Green into perpetuity, as a long-term tribute to the contribution that Mike made to CRC, and the sport of rowing more generally.



It is intended that the award will be used for the benefit of young people up to the age of 18 from the CRC, that have been a member for 12 months, who show promise, enthusiasm, and ambition to progress in the sport of rowing. 

The intention will be to identify 2 suitable young people each year to benefit from the award. The identified 2 young people will be provided with a free membership to CRC (current value £300 each) – this will be funded by CRC directly and not using award funds.

In addition to a free membership, the 2 young people will receive further benefits funded by the award, to the value of £150 each in total per year:

  • Assistance with personal equipment, clothing, race entry and transport expenses/mileage costs, to the value of up to £150 per season.

  • Receipts to be provided by the young person or their parent/carer to the Treasurer throughout the season, so that re-imbursement can be made to the value of the award. No cash equivalent.

  • An award cannot be made to the same person more than 3 times in 5 years.


The award funds will be accessed through application to the Rowing Committee by the young person and their coach.

The decision to award the bursary is to be made by a vote of the CRC Main Committee members. The vote should exclude any coaches who are nominating an athlete, and/or parent/carer, to avoid any conflicts of interest.

A list of awardees and the year of award is to be published on the CRC website and maintained annually into perpetuity.

More details will be circulated this month.


Mark Sims

CRC, Chairman

Junior Bursary.jpg

Mike Green

2023/2024 - applications now open

We are pleased to announce the application process for the new rowing season commencing in September 2023 is now open.

Download the application form here;



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